We are part of the Reformation, Restoration and Revival Movement whose vision holder is Apostle George and Pastor Grace Akalonu. Based in London, the Lord called them out of denominational Christianity. Their mandate is pursued through the various ministries.

Global School of Ministry

This Kingdom agency provides systematic Teaching, Training, Equipping, Activation and Release of saints to function as the Royal Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. The school supplies very rich biblical resources in the form of eBooks and over 1,300 videos with which ministers, ministries and congregations can use to run local campuses of the Global School of Ministry. Visit the site to access at the resources at

Global Advanced Mentorship Program

This Kingdom agency runs an annual Master Classes designed on a train-the-trainer basis. Those who undergo this process are empowered to train other saints based on 2 Timothy 2:2. Visit the website for more details at

The Yes Course

This is the long-distance Master Class program designed for those who prefer to study at their own pace. Kingdom Books Club. This ministry coordinates use of the learning portal

Frontline Intercessors

These are praying saints who will be invested in upholding the Global and National leadership; the Vision and Mandate. Frontline Intercessors shall operate the 24/7 Global Prayer Centre Line; The Prayer and Spiritual Cabinet over the Nation.

International Ministers Fellowship

We are also affiliated to this dynamic network of ministers of the gospel shall play a leading role in advancing the growth of International Ministers Fellowship within the nation.

True Kingdom Live

TThis is the video learning channel on YouTube. It also coordinates True Kingdom Live broadcast on TBN Yetu and other Christian and Secular TV stations.

We are part of the Reformation,
Restoration and Revival Movement.

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