We are part of a global network of ministries

-mandated by Yeshua, Jesus the King of Kings to prepare the way for His Return. Called the 3 R Movement, we are commissioned to activate Reformation of the Church, Restoration of the Lordship of Yeshua, Jesus and Revival of saints.

Our operating system is wired for empowerment of saints: Teach, Train, Equip, Activate and Release!

Our Vision

We are a Kingdom Agency whose vision includes these specific objects or goals:

  • Preach the Gospel of Salvation by Grace through faith as a fundamental spiritual right of all people from our Community to the Nation and worldwide in fulfilment of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20; Matthew 24:14.
  • Disciple those who are saved through systematic teaching of the Word.
  • Plant House Churches, Cell Fellowships, Neighbourhood Fellowships, School and Campus Fellowships so that a broad spectrum of those who are saved can be further discipled as well as enjoy fellowship for accountability and synergy.
  • Provide resources which individuals can use to get into personal relationship with God and grow thereby.
  • Provide resources which congregations and ministries can use to Teach believers to become disciples of Yeshua, Jesus The Messiah.
  • Provide resources which are used for Training, Equipping, Activation and Release of believers to serve as Ministers of the Gospel after the Order of Melchizedek.
  • To demonstrate the compassionate heart of Jesus by providing for Orphans, Orphanages, Widows, the Homeless and those who are disadvantaged by Poverty and social issues.
  • To challenge Christians to prioritise the Kingdom duty of doing good in the community where they reside as Salt and Light.
  • To activate and promote Reformation, Restoration and Revival.
Our Mandate

Our Mandate is to disciple the nations of by taking the whole Word to the whole World in fulfilment of the Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20. We embrace the vision of Reformation, Restoration and Revival committed to the trust of the vision holders who have poured out their lives for empowerment of saints worldwide, including all of us.

The Method

The Kingdom method we employ is by running specific Kingdom agencies with specific assignments which combine to create the required Kingdom impact.

Kingdom Agencies

The Kingdom Agencies are:

Global School of Ministry

This Kingdom agency provides systematic Teaching, Training, Equipping, Activation and Release of saints to function as the Royal Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. Those who complete the training are empowered to serve effectively in ministry at a Commissioning service. Ordination is available for those who qualify. Ministerial licenses are also issued through our sister agency, International Ministers Fellowship. Kindly fill out the application form if you are interested in doing the Global School of Ministry.

We also supply very rich, biblical resources in the form of eBooks and video with which ministers, ministries and congregations can use to run local campuses of the Global School of Ministry. Click here to view curriculum

The Global School of Ministry in the City of Cork was formally launched on Saturday, July 23. Apostle John Ashu Agboreyong and Evangelist Schola who lead Authentic Kingdom Culture in Europe hosted the Mayor of the City of Cork, Councillor Deirdre Forde who was the Guest of honour.

The AKC team, including Pastor Victor Omo, Prophetess Jennifer Williams, Apostle Kingsley Mbakwe, Lady Judy, Evangelist Peter,Evangelist Glory and others have modelled how the body can function as a living, loving organism. Click here to see more

Global Advanced Mentorship Program

Global Missions Board

Frontline Intercessors and 24/7 Global Prayer Centre


We are part of the Reformation,
Restoration and Revival Movement.

Authentic Kindom Culture